Coderea Technologies come with deep expertise across industries and have been helping companies across the globe embrace the future by reshaping enterprise solutions. We have been working for different brands across industries and have earned the reputation of being a scalable service provider. With us, you can be sure of operational efficiency and resourceful solutions.

Real Estate and Property

Our company has already built a estate CRM that helps showcare properties and add new ones as available and helps connecting prospects/buyers as well


E-Learning & Education

From innovative virtual learning solutions to marketing classrooms, Coderea Technologies makes the competition more enriching


Tours & Travel

This is an industry marked by cut throat competition. Out technical solutions will not only help stand against competitors but offer you a platform to better serve customers


Ecommerce and Shopping

Ecommerce and Shopping has already taken up a fast pace and in the coming years, we can expect a massive competition for exposure and markets


Advertising & Publishing

Apart from mapping the frequently changing needs, Coderea has been a reputed service provider for developing cutting edge solutions relating to content management, ecommerce marketing, and advertising


Events and Tickets

Guided by strong and flexible demands, our technical solutions will help you better manage your ticketing platform


Medical & Healthcare

Coderea Technologies solutions for the health care industry helps businesses adhere to government regulations while being able to seek a passage to overcome the soaring cost of patient care


Media and Entertainment

This is an industry shaped by the way businesses are able to create, manage and deliver digital assets


Social Media & Networking

This industry has been constantly evolving with new technologies and an increase need for fast and secure communication