Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a process, which consists of four main activities, namely, acquisition, development, motivation, as well as maintenance of human resources. Human Resource Management is responsible for maintaining good human relations in the organisation. It is also concerned with development of individuals and achieving integration of goals of the organisation and those of the individuals.

Why our HRMS?

  • Efficiently handle HR tasks
  • Plan, control and manage HR expenses
  • Help HR decision-making
  • Enhance productivity for managers
  • Automate the recruiting process
  • Manage attendance in real-time Integrated with Biometric and swipe card machines
  • Improve communication within your organization
  • Plan, Track & Assign training
  • Smooth goal setting, Custom KRA & KPI Process
  • Opinion polls & Suggestion management
  • Detailed reporting functions and evaluation capabilities

Features of Coderea’s HRMS

·         HR Administration

  • Define company policies
  • Templated department based settings
  • Custom Payroll management
  • Rule based Recruitment management system
  • Create User and assign roles like HR – Admin, Employee, Department Head, Sales Head etc.
  • Define company policies for loans, attendance, holidays, training, Appraisal, Travel & Expense etc.
  • Create company hierarchy
  • Schedule the report generation date and time
  • Templated recruitment process
  • Templated Appraisal process
  • Templated Training Process

·         Vacancy & Recruitment Manager

  • Create Job vacancy
  • Post same job to leading Job portals like Naukri, Monster etc.
  • Applicant filtering and Processing
  • Schedule interview and send intimations to candidates automatically
  • Compare different candidates and select the best
  • Define interviewer and schedule the interview
  • Rate candidate and Interviewer both
  • Auto generate Offer letter and Appointment letters
  • Hire and covert candidate to Employee automatically

          Employee self Service

  • Update personal information
  • Update educational Information
  • Update family Information
  • Update past employment
  • Update Skill sets
  • View Attendance information
  • Apply for Leave, Loan & Advances and Training
  • Set your task and let your team member know about that
  • 360° Review system
  • Participate in Opinion polls and different events of the company
  • Set your own Milestones, KRA, KPI
  • Ask for training or be part of ongoing training on click of mouse
  • View/Download your salary slips
  • Plan your travel expenses and approval process

          Payroll, Leave and Attendance management

  • Create custom Salary heads, Salary Formulas and structures
  • Define shifts and allocate employee to that
  • Set limits for loan and Advance and automatically deduct form salary
  • Templated process of bonus, variable pay and Overtime
  • Define leave type No of leaves and Leave approver for each department
  • Apply for leave and get instant result
  • Define Leave carry forward & Leave encashment rules
  • Integrated Biometric and Swipe card system
  • Predefine Holidays and weekly off
  • Smooth shift change

          Training, Newsletter & Opinion Poll Management

  • Create training and assign employee to it
  • Training vendor management for out of office training
  • Administer the progress of employee before and after the training
  • On demand training scheduling
  • Allow employee to contribute for the company newsletter
  • Event broadcasting and opinion poll management
  • Raise opinion poll and let everyone participate on it

          Travel, Expense & Performance management

  • Plan your travel and get your expense approved
  • Claim your vouchers after travel
  • Templated expense and travel management system
  • Detailed report of the expense done by each and every employee
  • Link your employee to business goals.
  • Monitor your employee’s performance and goal achievement
  • Define KRA for KPI
  • Define the process of 360° appraisal process
  • Store all the information about the employee appraisal and generate report