Inventory Management System

For many companies, inventory costs is one of the largest investments a company makes. Unfortunately it is also often the most overlooked. Most companies buy and track inventories in a haphazard way which often causes excess or scarcity of inventory which causes company to lose valuable time and money.

With the help of Inventory Management System, Manage your inventory and check your supply levels in real-time. Get notifications when specific inventory levels get low and generate Purchase Orders to replenish your stock.

By having an automated system, you make sure that you order and use only as per your needs and cut the expenses of replenishing scarce inventory or reselling excess inventory. This increases efficiency and makes the best use of your warehouse.

Coderea offers one of the best Inventory Management System – Easy Inventory at a very affordable prices which is feature rich and can help the company by not losing time and money in tracking inventory or incurring the loss of having excess or scarce inventory.

Inventory CRM Features

  • Enter all your Inventory Items
  • Organize Inventory into custom categories & locations
  • Filter inventory list by category, location
  • Import & Export your inventory using CSV or Excel spread sheet files
  • Link Inventory Items together & create custom packages
  • Add private Notes for each Inventory item
  • Additional Expenses can be added to Inventory Items, which allows for accurate profit margin calculations
  • Organize inventory into multiple Locations and Zones
  • Generate Purchase Orders and restock stock levels