The Tours & Travel industry is one of the largest industries in the world. The far-reaching nature, multiplicity, and interdependent activities compel it to have a very profound relationship with the information technology and the communications. Traditionally, transportation management systems did not have any industry infrastructure that could ensure the smooth swap over of information throughout the supply chain. An online reservation system for travel booking was introduced to handle the outdated booking systems so that requests and queries can be worked out in an efficient and speedy manner.

Business Value to Travel and Hospitality Industry

The face of today’s traveler is changing. Once online booking was dominating the industry but now mobile booking through smartphones has taken over the trend and have started claiming an increased market share. Having a proven track record in offering ideal IT solutions for travel industry, we know a travel website is much more than just a panorama of images.

Whether you need application development, customer service, IT solution or API solutions, we have solutions ready to cater to your business needs.

Our Core Industry Offerings

  • E-commerce implementation
  • Customer interaction management
  • Hotel database management
  • Fare filling and distribution
  • Knowledge process outsourcing
  • Quality assurance outsourcing
  • Mobility Solutions