The world is crazy about entertainment, and nothing sells like entertainment, which along with its allied industries, is believed to be recession-proof. Entertainment is not only limited to the silver screen but these days, entertainment also includes the television and other forms of performing arts. They include stage plays, music, theatres, dance and other performing arts. The entertainment industry also includes magazines, scoops and information as well as entertainment available online on the world wide web. There are numerous sites that promote various forms of entertainment online and much more.

Coderea has worked with Media & Entertainment companies, event managers in the areas of implementing innovative solutions for complex and critical business needs to help clients to achieve high performance to differentiate themselves.

The media and entertainment industry worldwide is seeing a business wide transformation and the market is in the crucial period where both current and new business models seek to co-exist. Companies, as a result are keeping a thorough watch on consumer demands and changing cost structures. IT services have indeed been able to help the players to reach a wider amount of audience and increase their revenues.

Our Core Industry Offerings

  • Inventory and distribution management
  • Business Intelligence Services
  • Digital Supply Chain Management
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Website Development, Maintenance and Enhancements