With this ever-growing trend, it is more important than ever that your company is online too, and that it can be accessed from a mobile device. This can be anything from a smartphone to a tablet, but everywhere you go, you will see these being used. If more than half of your target market cannot access your website when they are on the go, then that is a lot of potential customers lost.

If your website is not mobile responsive, it will mean that your website is extremely difficult to use on a mobile device. The user will have to do a lot of scrolling from left to right, zooming in, struggling to click on links and they will find it very difficult to appreciate the website as a whole. If you are spending money on designing a website, and not requesting that it is mobile responsive, it can almost be seen as a waste of money if it cannot be accessed by half of internet users!

A mobile responsive website means that your website will be able to recognise the device that it is being seen on, and modify and adapt the website to suit. A website’s layout will look different on an iPhone and a tablet, and this is due to the clever technology and coding that mobile responsive websites can do. When this happens, the layout will adapt, images will be scaled down and made to fit screens, and text will be repositioned and made smaller. It’s almost as if the website that you see on a PC screen, has shrunk to fit whichever device it is on.

Having a mobile responsive website can also help your company with its SEO results. Google will also detect the device that it is on, and if you’re on a mobile device, it will rank websites higher if they are mobile responsive. Therefore, this is another must if you are looking for more website views.

Mobile responsiveness, SEO and web design all go hand in hand, and incorporating this with Social Media will ensure the best results for you and your company. If you search for a company in Salisbury, and this is one of your locations, you can be found on Google. If Google can also see your company is on social media, then your company will be ranked higher. This gives you higher chances of people clicking on your website. If you then have a compelling web design which is flawless and catches peoples’ eye, then you have higher chances of converting that visitor into a customer. This will all happen on mobile searches too if your website is mobile responsive too.

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